The service and maintenance provided by the professionals at Bmw Auto Parts is top notch. Our technicians are all trained BMW professionals and there is no issue that we cannot accurately diagnose and repair for less than the dealer. And since our techs are so well trained, they can spot issues before they occur and offer you options for preventative maintenance that will cut your cost even more!

Other Independants:

Other Independant BMW Service centers use aftermarket oil and filters. Here at Bmw Auto Parts, we ONLY use the Genuine BMW oil and BMW Filters. This insures our customers maxium performance and protection of their BMW. If their advertisement doesn't state BMW Genuine Oil & Filter, then you are getting aftermarket parts.


Engine Repair

Oil pressure light flickering? Engine knock? Both? Major repair problem or minor annoyance? Either way, you should always quickly investigate the source before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Let us determine whether you have a major repair problem or just a minor annoyance.



Understanding and troubleshouting a highly sophisticated machine like your BMW is not an easy task. That's why we at Bimmers Clinic rely on state of the art equipment such as the GT1 and inpa tool, and ISTA/ISIS computers to deliver a fast, and precise analysis of the error your BMW electrical system may be going through.


Braking System

Your BMW brakes should be inspected regularly to ensure its efficacy. As soon as they emit those grinding noises, the brake pads must be replaced. Brake rotor must be in tune with Brake Pads Replacement

With a properly-functioning brake system, the driver will not only guarantee ample protection and levels of ease on himself and other occupants inside the vehicle, but to the pedestrian lot as well.

Preventive maintenance among your BMW brakes devices must always be observed to prolong its life and its service.



Whether you need service or repair, we at Bimmers Clinic are here to diagnose your BMW transmission problem with state of the art technology so that we can be sure exactly what the issue is.



  • Enhancements

    Is your BMW still inspiring you to drive it? Are passion and enthusiasm for your BMW fading?

    Let us advise you on the many performance upgrades that are available for your car. Whether you are looking to increase horsepowers, or add more aerodynamic style we can help you. At Bmw Auto Parts we only use genuine factory parts, handled by the highest trained professionals.