Choose a certified service and maintenance

Regular service and repair is the key to improve the performance and increase the life span of your car. It becomes even more important when we talk about luxury cars which need regular maintenance. BMW is a pioneer in the category of luxury cars. Designed to give top level of performance, while being the best in providing luxury and comfort, makes BMW a prized possession for its owner. Buying a BMW is expensive but its maintenance is an extra expenditure in itself. Choosing an experienced and capable BMW service provider is imperative to getting quality service. Getting your BMW serviced at your local garage can be very damaging for the health of your car and can cost you a lot more, financially, in the long run.BMW Service needs to be handled by skilled mechanics; with in depth knowledge of its machinery. At BMW AUTO PARTS we understand your concerns and provide the best of service and quality results.


A genuine and certified service provider is aware of the intricacies involved in German import maintenance. Their special training and experience in the field makes them the best judges of technical and mechanical problems of your car. The trained professionals equipped with the latest equipment at Bmw Auto Parts are capable of providing the ultimate service experience to German car lovers. Here are some factors to help you understand the need of a certified mechanic for BMW service



We are well aware of the expenses of buying and then maintaining a luxurious car like BMW. To maintain its warranty, it is highly recommended that your car should be repaired by specific auto mechanics that are associated with car manufacturers.

      Genuine Parts

General mechanics are not aware of the high standards of BMW machinery and are clueless about the right way to maintain it. Getting cheap or poor quality parts installed in your car can lower its market value and not to mention the negative effect it can have on its performance. The Certified Mechanicss will always use genuine car parts as they understand the importance of quality.


With a certified car mechanic you will get the benefit of guarantee and recall on its parts. A genuine BMW Service provider will personally handle the repairs and maintenance process ensuring you that your BMW is in the right hands.